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Slow claim payment and claims allegedly “not on file” are two of the biggest issues plaguing New Jersey providers and their efforts to run their businesses. 

Mr. Katz has shaped the law in New Jersey on several significant issues plaguing New Jersey providers and continues to do so. He is the first attorney to successfully argue that the New Jersey prompt payment statutes provide physicians and dentists a private right of action to pursue money damages for non-payment of claims and statutory interest for late paid claims. Mr. Katz was also the first attorney to establish as a matter of law that health insurers failing to adhere to the strict requirements of the prompt payment laws waived their right to contest payment of claims even when the carriers might otherwise have a valid denial. (The "waiver" regulation has since been repealed).

If you would like to discuss a prompt payment issue or case, please contact Mr. Katz and he will contact you within twenty-four (24) hours to discuss your matter.